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Equity Market

Equity Market

A stock represents equity or ownership of a part of the total capitalization of a company.

What benefits can I receive from investing in stocks?
Stock gives the owner voting rights and if the company generates profits, the shareholder has the right to receive dividends. Through Monex Securities Inc. you can invest in equity that trades on the main stock markets all around the world like the NYSE, Nasdaq or the AMEX.

ETF (Exchange Traded Funds)
ETFs are index trackers that invest in a basket of securities that replicates an index with the advantage that an investor can buy or sell entire portfolios of securities under one single stock.

What benefits can I receive from investing in ETFs?
ETFs are unique in the sense that they combine lower costs and high liquidity advantages with the diversification that is provided by investing in a fund that tracks the main market indexes such as the Nasdaq (ticker symbol QQQ), the Dow Jones Industrial Average (ticker symbol DIA) or the S&P 500 (ticker symbol SPY).

Derivatives are financial products that provide risk protection or hedge against price fluctuations of bonds, stocks or currency exchange.

Debt Market

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Mutual Funds

Our access door to International markets.

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