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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Dear Investor:

In MONEX SECURITIES , Inc. we respect your right to privacy and recognize our responsibility to protect the privacy and security of personal information we receive from you. We have always been committed to ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of your personal information. We are proud of our policies and we want our customers and prospects to understand what information we collect and the use that is given.

We also require the same confidentiality standards from the institutions we work hand in hand with. Access to your personal and financial information is limited to authorized personnel only and strictly prohibited to everyone else. We will continue this promise of confidentiality even after your account is inactive. We would like to remind you that Monex Securities Inc, does not receive any type of compensation from order flow nor from clients or institutions.

We would like you to know that Monex Securities utilizes effective and strong procedures to prevent and detect money laundering (Anti Money Laundering procedures), besides the different means of identification documents we ask each and every client in order to identify our customers correctly.

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