Institutional Trading
We offer Brokarage services for Institutional Clients. Such services include Bond brokerage, Stocks, ETF's in USD or other currencies.All services are provded through robust platforms such as Bloomberg or Neovest. We can acces international markets, trade locally and settle in another country.

Understanding Our Client Needs and Objectives
Our Advisors analyze the cliets needs in order to asses them. We analayze each client separately and offer different fitting products with the objective of reaching the clients finacial needs and goals

Identifying their risk tolerance
As we analyse each client we do a comprehensive and thorough understanding of their situation, needs and goals in order to reach them alway considering their risk objective

Implementing a diversified and global investment approach – both in asset class, as well as, in sector diversification.
We offer direct access to international markets, different currencies, sectors and securities always considering the clients Best interests, risk tolerance and aiming towards reaching their financial goals.

Utilizing an open architecture to avoid conflicts of interest.
We use an open architecture as we do not offer any propietary product in order to be more transparent and objective and thus avoiding conflict of interest.

Periodically reviewing the portfolio to adapt to changing market conditions, as well as customer needs and objectives.
We periodically work with each client adapting their goals, and their portfolios to all the surprises and different paths that life offers us.

Account Statement

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